Kathi Brown
Reiki Master-Teacher / Psychic Medium / Hypnotherapist
Heart & Soul Recovery
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Welcome to Heart and Soul Recovery 

When is the last time you felt a sense of inner peace?  Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addictions and a variety of physical ailments are all too common in todays society.  Most people just accept this as a normal way of life.  I once believed that also.  I have learned and experienced that life doesn't or shouldn't have to be that difficult.  All of the choices you have made and the experiences you have had contribute to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state now. We hold repressed emotions and beliefs within our body and soul, which prevents you from reaching your full potential.

People try to take care of themselves with the knowledge they have.  People will change their diet and get more sleep to improve their physical health.  They will talk about their feelings, journal and seek support to improve their emotional health.  They will try positive thinking and learn coping skills to improve their mental health.  These are all very important and helpful tools.  But, what about your spiritual health?  In order to take care of your "whole" self, for the best chance at long lasting recovery, all four areas need  to come into balance. 

Reiki is the practice of gently channelling the life force energy that surrounds us all of the time, from the universe through my heart and through my hands to connect with your energy or spirit to release any blockages that negative emotions and experiences have created in your body.  During this process, your body and soul tells me your story.  I am able to identify the issues in your life that keep you from progressing. Once the blockages are released, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self can be restored to a healthier, stronger condition.  Just as it is meant to be.

As a certified counsellor specializing in grief, addiction and mental health for the past 20 years, I am offering you the next level of care.  The holistic therapy of reiki and intuitive insight and guidance combined with traditional counselling. We can work through and resolve all of the identified issues, together.

Regenerate your body, clear your mind and raise your spirit.  Put your faith in my hands, heart and soul.