Kathi Brown
Reiki Master-Teacher / Psychic Medium / Hypnotherapist
Heart & Soul Recovery
178 Bayfield St Suite 301 | Barrie, ON L4M 3B5 | 705.795.6707





Laura Steed Adamson, May 2017

My session last night was amazing.  Kathi was able to help me come to a decision regarding the next step in my life and also help confirm things my intuition was telling me but I wasn't listening to.  Thank you very much Kathi.


Nichol McKever, April 2017

Kathi is absolutely amazing!  She is my go to Reiki practitioner.  I always gain so much clarity and insight from her sessions.  I always leave refreshed with a better sense of direction.  I couldn't recommend her more!


Debra Clark, January 2016

I went to see Kathi for a reiki session.  I had no idea what to expect.  Her insights were impressive.  She could see into my heart and soul and she provided me with reassuring messages that continue to sustain me with comforting thoughts.  Kathi has a special gift for healing. 


Amelinda St. Amour,  November 2015

Dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety lately, I needed to do something about it.  I came across "Heart and Soul Recovery" Facebook page on my feed and knew that's exactly what I needed.  I had never tried reiki before and WOW what an experience! I was lucky enough to hear about my past life in detail; Kathi was also able to tell me exactly how I was feeling without me saying a word.  It's amazing how energy works in mysterious ways.  I felt a sense of peace after the session was over and would recommend her to anyone that is open to try something new.  So worth it!


Charolette Laws, November 2015

I have been dealing with some trying circumstances in recent months, which has left me feeling quite emotionally drained.  I went to see Kathi with no expectations other than to feel a bit more relaxed.  I was very much surprised in a positive way.  Kathi has such a gentle and kind way about her and she really listens to what you say both verbally and non verbally.  This really come down to her keen sense of intuition and extensive career working with individuals seeking counsel.  She was spot on with everthing she felt energy wise and how she interpreted it.  I came away feeling calm, balanced, and that things are bit more settled in the world.  I felt understood and heard.  i would highly recommend Kathi to my friends, colleagues and family.  Thanks Kathi :)


Leigha Graham, October 2015

I had my first experience with reiki last night with Kathi and it was an incredible experience! I would actually call it life changing!  I highly, highly recommend going to see her!